Outline- F17

***Class Rules and Expectations

Every class has a reading assignment and you need to upload your assignment to the Google Drive before class starts.
please check the specific questions for each assignment on the reading menu on the site.

Aug 22
Introduction to Graphic Design History

Ch1. The Invention of Writing

  • Class Discussion(Tell us a little about you)
  • Team Work(Emoticon or Emoji), TeamA & TeamB
  • Introduction to Exercise1
  • Reading Week1(Chapter01)
  • Due on Aug 29Chapter1. Reading
    Exercise1 Draft
    Discussion1(about me)
Ch2. Alphabets

Ch3. The Asian Contribution

History of Printing & Typography

Sep 5
Ch4. Illuminated Manuscripts
Ch5. Printing Comes to Europe
  • Quiz(Chapter1, 2, and 3)
    30 questions

    Bring your laptop and textbook

  • Exercise1 due (PDF and Print 11″x17″)
  • Helvetica Movie 1/2
  • Introduction to Exercise2(

    paper, ruler, pencil, sharpie,

    colored pencils)

  • Reading assignment Week3 info
Sep 12
Special Topic:
Type and PrintingGD_History_Chapter5_Class *Revised
Review: A draft of Exercise 02(8″x8″)

Helvetica Movie 2/2

Group Discussion2: Learning about Typography and Printing

Week3 Reading(Read the following links regarding type and printing before class starts!)

Watch the following videos on type and printing before class starts

1. Explanation of Typography (2 min)
2. Anatomy of Type
 (9 min)

3. Typography School (5 min)
4. Lithography Intro(5 min)
5. Lithography
 (3 min)

6. What is Offset printing? (25 min)
7. Heidelburg Offset printing (2 min)
Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing (7 min)

Other interesting videos
How to identify fonts | Details on Type | Anatomy of Typeface |

  • Reading assignment Week4 info

Sep 19

Ch6. The German Illustrated Book


PopQuiz_TYPE test

Exercise02 Due/Review in class
Introduction to Project01

Sep 26

Ch7. Renaissance Graphic Design
Ch8. An Epoch of Typographic Genius
Ch9. Graphic Design and the Industrial Revolution partI
Ch9. Graphic Design and the Industrial Revolution partIIIntroduction to Project1Project1- Concept Development
Quiz 2(ch. 4, 5, 6)



Oct 3

*** Field Trip ***

Idea Fab Labs–>Please click here to read the field trip description and procedure!

We will meet at 2:00 pm at Idea Fab Labs, 603 Orange St, Chico, CA 95926.
Please be prepared to pay $10 membership fee at this time if you would like to use the Lab’s facility to design and build a clock for the duration of the class project(Oct17-Dec12). The members will be able to use Idea Fab Lab’s facility including:

● Laser Cutters
● CNC Router
● 3D Printers
● Woodshop
● Electronics Zone
● Embroidery Machine
● Textiles Zone

Letter from the Idea Fab Lab Lead, Erin: History of Graphic Design Idea Fab Lab Access

Idea Fab Lab Orientation info: New Member Orientation Packet Chico

Oct 10
Ch10. The Arts and Crafts Movement and Its Heritage

Ch11. Art Nouveau


Project1- Review a draft

Quiz 3(ch. 7, 8, 9) 
Oct 17

Ch12. The Genesis of Twentieth-Century Design

Project1-submission (PDF and Print)

Introduction to Project2

Oct 24

***Online lecture***

No class meeting today! 

Please post discussion1 and 2 comments on the discussion board on Blackboard by Oct 30!!!


You will need to post 2 discussion postings this week:

Forum Discussion 1: Publication Design (Part 1) Due by Oct. 30th

Go through these links related to publication design and then post discussion comments on the discussion board on Blackboard.

Tschichold 01 | 02

Historical reference to Editorial/Publication Design
Cipe Pineles | Bradbury Thompson | Fred Woodward | David Carson’s site | Dick Bruna |Das Plakat | Speak Magazine | Emigre Magazine | Big magazine (go to back issues) |

Publication Designers
Chip Kidd

Design studios and graphic designers who design magazines and books
Pentagram (editorial) | Pentagram (Books) | Elizabeth Avedon (bio) |

Sites and resources dedicated to Book design
Book Design Review |
 Retro Books |

After going through all these links, please do the following:

1. Post 1 comment. Comment on some aspect to any of the things you have watched or read through.

2. Post a response… respond to one of the comments listed.

Make sure you label your postings. Also, be aware that some other people may have similar postings. So be original if possible.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Forum Discussion 2: Publication Design (Part 2) Due by Oct 30th

Check out these books:
Learners” (Chip Kidd designed)
Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far (Stefan Sagmeister designed)

Amir Fallah (Beautiful Decay Magazine) – He is not a graphic designer, but he started a magazine that you should be aware of.

Video (3 minutes)

Look at the website:
Beautiful Decay

Digital publication revolution 
Conde Nast | Wired | Martha Stewart Living 01 | Martha Stewart 02

Alice for the iPad | Apps for Kids |

The Art of the Book (1 hour & 43 minutes)
You can watch the whole video or choose one of the three speakers. You can scroll through to find the speaker.
(00:00 -Milton Glaser) (22:50 – Chip Kidd)

In addition you should watch video from the lecture, The Art of the Book (1 hour & 43 minutes)

Other resources
How to become a Publication Designer

After going through all these links, post discussion comments on the discussion forum on Blackboard. Please do the following:

1. Post 1 question…. write a question that you would like clarification on that related to the things you have watched or read through.

2. Post 1 answer… Answer one of the questions posted. This means you may have to do some inquiries into the reading to find the answer.

Make sure you label your postings. Also, be aware that some other people may have similar postings. So be original if possible.

Oct 31
Ch 13. The Influence of Modern Art


Quiz 4(ch. 10, 11, 12) 
Nov 7
Ch14. Pictorial Modernism
Ch 15. A New Language of Form

Project2: Presentation part1How to apply for Scholarship?
A guest speaker: Rachel D Mason <rdmason@csuchico.edu>
Nov 14
Ch17. The Modern Movement in America
Ch18. The International Typographic StyleProject2: Presentation part2

SET Fall 2017 – Online

Quiz 5(ch. 13, 14, 15)
Nov 21
Thanksgiving Break 
Nov 28
Ch 19. The New York School
Ch 20-21. Corporate Identity and Visual Systems and the Conceptual Image
Quiz 6(ch. 16, 17, 18) 
Dec 5
Ch 22, 23, and 24
Dec 14 Project3 Presentation
Quiz 7(ch. 19, 20, 21)  

Project 3 Final Submissions

  • Poster + Clock
  • PDF Paper

The schedule as presented in this calendar is subject to change with adequate notification.